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Schedule on Saturday, June 17th, 2023

7.30 am  Event Center is open

160 km group 1 33-35 km/h, group 2 28-30 km/h, group 3 25 or less km/h
95 km competition, different age groups
35 km competition and fun bike

Start / Finish

Arrangements for the cycling start will take place on the Urheilukatu street ten minutes before the start. Select your place in the group according to your pace.  Let the competing cycles reclaim the lead.

160 km at start 9.00 am. All the speed groups.
35km start at 9.30 am.
95 km at start 10.15 am.

Start is in a group. Cycling behind and under supervision of  the lead car first two kilometers.

The finish will be in Tampereentie.

The maximum driving time is 6,5 hours.

The route map for 35 km, 95 km and 160 km:Cycling

Bike Maintenance

Training Ice Hall is reserved for bike storage. You can get into the hall only when you show the number on your breast. Remember to maintain your bike at home before the event!


Since this is a fitness event, we follow the general traffic rules of the road.

Please observe the triathlon bar is not allowed.

You are not closed to other traffic. The organizer has the right to remove a participant of this event in cases of violation of traffic rules. In intersection regions there is a lollipop. When the trafficker does not exist, the traffic rules and road signs must be followed. Helmet is mandatory. Entrants must drive only on marked trails.

Participants are not insured on behalf of the organizers. Everyone is participating the event at their own risk.

Trail markings

Each participant will get a route map at the Event Center.

Attendance Numbers

All participants must wear a number attached to the back side.


Note: The entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances. In case of illness the participation can be transferred to the next year, if you present a medical certificate.

Race day registration is possible 1.5 hour before the race start at the Race Centre. But don”t forget to reserve the accomodation – directly to the hotels.

It is cheaper to register beforehand with 2 methods:

By Internet: http://onreg.com/suvi-ilta


Entry fees before:






35km32 €33 €34 €35 €35 €
95km44 €50 €54 €58 €65 €
160km55 €60 €64 €68 €75 €